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Windows 7 Dark V11.7

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Windows 7 Dark V11.7

Post by didi7789 on Thu Sep 25, 2014 1:05 pm

Windows 7 - Dark V11.7 | 3.637 GB

Version: Dark V11.6
Creator: The Dark
Theme: Chris Cold and some Deviant Art
ISO: Windows 7 SP1 Enterprise X64
SIZE: 4338 MB (DVD-R Single Layer)
Tested in: Vmware Workstation 10.0.3 (with 4 GB of RAM)
Modifications: %OEM% / Custom scripts
Architecture: 64 bit only
Activation: Built in KMS Activator
Experience Level required: High
Compression of ISO: Compressed with WinRar 5.11 X64 (RAR5)
Compression Level: Best / 1024 MB (Dictionary Size)

Ok after a bit of work less than what I thought it would take I ported the Pack over to Windows 7. Standard stuff for the pack meaning no classic shell as Windows 7 is just awesome like that. Also caught the IDA pro stuff so that it can be uninstalled from the control panel. Apart from that mess up I'd say we're doing quite well. :) Do enjoy the Glitch mob tongue

Also this will fit on a standard 4.7 GB image even though I wasn't really paying attention to the size of the pack. There you lucked out with Windows 7 x64 a little bit heh and as you may notice the task bar has no special shortcuts. Yes at long last those have been retired. There are also no new wallpapers as there was plenty of work done all around and well it seemed there was enough as is.

Programs Added:

Software Cracking:

Interactive Disassembler Pro 6.5
Ollydebug 2.01
Process Monitor
Process Explorer
ILSpy 2.2
010 Editor
CFF Explorer
Vmware Workstation Full 10.0.3 (with key)
Protection ID
Registrar Pro v7.6 (64 bit)
Resource Hacker (FX)
Resource Tuner 1.99
WinHex 17.8
KMS 9.3.3
Windows Debugger (x86/x64)

Handy Stuff:

Firefox Nightly 35.0a1 (64 bit)
Chrome 37 (64 bit)
Aida64 Extreme Edition 4.6


Putty 0.63
OWASP Pen Testing Tool
Cain and Abel
Winpcap 4.1.3


7zip 9.34
PowerISO 6 (64 bit)
Notepad ++ 6.6.9
Hashtab 5.2
CCleaner 4.1.7
Symantec Desktop Encryption

Web plugins:

Flash player 14
Silverlight 5
Java 8 Update 20

Change Log for V11.7

Change Log for V11.7 Final (Win 7)
-Dot net framework 4.0
-Removed Classic Shell
-Removed Dot net framework 3 feature enable
-Added Java fix to skip revocation list popup

Change Log for V11.7 Final
-Final System Check is good
-Bumped Post Install song count to 5

Change Log for V11.7 RC
-No Wallpapers added to build
-Switched Chrome to 64bit build
-Full System Check for Programs Added
-Fixed Shortcuts for Dark Pack
-A little more clean-up

Change Log for V11.7 Beta 2
-Added New folder under the user profile named Dark Pack which will store all pack items for easy access and better isolate users from messing up the Dark Configuration
>>Created Themes Folder
>>Created Docs Folder
>>Created Music Folder
-Copied all Documents in pack to Docs Folder
-Copied Themes related Files to Themes Folder
-Copied Music related files to Music Folder
-Changed Dark Documents Shortcut path to Dark Pack
-Added Adobe Reader 11
-Some more clean-up

Change log for V11.7 Beta 1
-Beta 1 Stabilized (Beta 1 Prime)
-Software updates to all programs that need it
>>Update Folders
-AIDA64 Extreme & 010 Editor use Silent installs now
>>Added AIDA Folder to Fixes (pkey.txt to license)
>>Added 010 Editor Folder to Fixes (crack.bat to license)
>>>010 Editor uses HKU/SID (so ya it was a pain)
-Optimized Apps.bat and Setupcomplete.cmd
-Added Install text for Vmware Workstation under Apps.bat

Shortcuts.bat Changes (Rev3)
-Added Dedicated Sections
-Added Dedicated Start menu cleanup section
>>010 Editor
>>Resource Tuner
>>AIDA64 Extreme
>>Zap Attack Proxy
-Updated Folders to reflect software for Winhex
-Removed Winhex Folder Creation in Shortcuts

Shortcuts Folder Changes
-Deleted AIDA Portable shortcut
-Deleted 010 Editor Shortcut

Change Log for V11.7 Alpha 4
-Merged Changes into V11.7 Beta 1 Change log

Change Log for V11.7 Alpha 3
-Replaced Vmware 10.0.3 Lite with Vmware Workstation Full
>>Moved from SetupComplete to Apps.bat
>>Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2008
-Fix Cain (packet.dll missing error)
-Added Winpcap 4.1.3 with silent install to fix Cain
-IDA Pro 6.5 Full Install mirrored
>>Uninstall added to IDA Pro folder in start menu
>>Uninstall added to Control Panel for IDA
-Removed Win81-Pkeys.txt as it's no longer needed
-Added Dark Logo into System Properties to Represent Testing
-Overhauled Dark Dev Icon to be sharper
-Retired Taskbar shortcut modding
-Add music for Post Install
>>Manage it using a Windows Play list
>>Make it start from CurrentVer
>>Insert into Music Folder under Themes

-Removed 4.7 GB limit

Change Log for V11.7 Alpha 2
-Expand CurrentVer to give pic in system information
-Let's put in a install song during the first boot up
-Updated IDA Pro to 6.5 (NEW LEAK)
>>Added New shortcuts
>>IDA Pro Classic no longer in 6.5
>>>Removed IDA Pro Classic Shortcuts
>>Mirrored shortcut creation under official setup that was leaked
-Added IDA Pro Utilities
>>Added to IDA Pro folder via shortcut
-Updated Starter to 1.09

Change Log for V11.7 Alpha 1
-Begin Process of Making the Hacking Module
>>Added Cain and Abel
>>Added OWASP for Penetration Testing
>>Version Pack Change to Black Productions
-Added Focus Rectangle Remover
-Added ei.cfg to ISO
>> Makes it so you can skip Product Key page
-Added This PC Shortcut aka My Computer to Desktop
-Fixed Shortcuts on Desktop some more
-WMP pre-setup moved to Setupcomplete
-Removed Features.bat from run folder
>>Relocated installing of .net framework 3 to setupcomplete
>>Install time increased with apparent black screen for feature enable time






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