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Best Paid Android Applications 2017 Week10 (Android)

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Best Paid Android Applications 2017 Week10 (Android)

Post by didi7789 on Fri Mar 17, 2017 8:12 am

Best Paid Android Applications 2017 Week10 (Android) | 1.95 GB

This is Best Paid Android Applications With Last Update .

Applications List:
-Adguard v2.9.17 Beta [Premium - Block Ads Without Root].apk
-AIDA64 v1.45 [Mod Lite].apk
-AmpMe - Social Music Party v5.3.0.apk
-AndroMoney Pro v3.2.2 b211.apk
-APKUpdater v1.3.10.apk
-App Cache Cleaner - 1Tap Boost v6.4.4 [Pro].apk
-App Cache Cleaner Pro - Clean v5.2.6.apk
-App Manager v1.7.1.1.apk
-AppSales Best Apps on Sale v5.6 [Premium].apk
-Aqua Mail - email app v1.9.0-231-dev [Pro].apk
-Arrow Launcher v3.1.0.31265.apk
-Auto Answer Limit CallTime Pro v5.0 Instruction.rar
-Auto Answer Limit CallTime Pro v5.0.apk
-Auto Redial Pro v 6.0 by srrapps need Freedom Instruction.rar
-Auto Redial Pro v 6.0 by srrapps need Freedom.apk
-AutoCast Pro v1.0.25 [Unlocked].apk
-AutoNotification Pro v2.5.23 [Unlocked].apk
-AutoShare Pro v2.0.37 [Unlocked].apk
-AutoVera Pro v1.0.16 [Unlocked].apk
-Baby Pics v2.1.0.apk
-Battery Doctor (Power Saver) v5.56 build 5560002.apk
-BitTorrent Pro - Torrent App v3.36 Final [Patched].apk
-BK Package Disabler Samsung v2.2.5.apk
-Blue Mail - Email Mailbox v1.9.2.34.apk
-Calculator - Simple & Stylish v1.8.5 [Pro].apk
-Calendar Pro v11.1.7.apk
-Call And SMS Blocker Pro v2.0 Instruction.rar
-Call And SMS Blocker Pro v2.0.apk
-Capriccio (Pro) v3.2.2.apk
-CCleaner v1.19.71 [Professional].apk
-Daily Yoga - Yoga Fitness v6.1.40 [Pro].apk
-Deezer Music & Song Streaming v5.4.3.32.apk
-Encode Learn to Code v3.0.1 [Pro].apk
-Evie Launcher v2.04.02-06.apk
-Fast Scanner Premium v3.6 build 84 (unlocked).apk
-File Commander - File Manager v3.9.14896 [Premium].apk
-File Manager Storage Explorer v1.9.4 [Premium].apk
-Fing - Network Tools v5.2.1.apk
-Freedom v1.6.9d [Google Play in-App Purchase].apk
-F-Stop Media Gallery v4.8.4b2 [Pro].apk
-Glextor App Mgr & Organizer v5.1.0.381 [Patched].apk
-Glitch! v3.5.17 [Premium].apk
-GO SMS Pro v7.24 build 389 [Premium] Language.zip
-GO SMS Pro v7.24 build 389 [Premium] Plugins.zip
-GO SMS Pro v7.24 build 389 [Premium].apk
-GO Weather Forecast & Widgets v5.763 [Premium].apk
-Human-to-Cat Translator Deluxe v1.11.apk
-InColor - Coloring Book Premium v1.2.1 [Subscribed].apk
-IPray Prayer Times & Qibla v2.3.2 patched.apk
-Istikana Plus - Arabic Film & TV v1.8.52 [Subscribed].apk
-Jakdojade - public transport v3.3.6 [Premium].apk
-Kernel Adiutor v0.9.6.8 build 226 beta (ROOT) [Donate].apk
-KokoTime v1.1.4.6.apk
-Lifesum - The Health Movement v4.3.0 [Premium].apk
-Light Manager Pro v11.1.1.apk
-Lineage Downloader Premium v2.5.3.1.apk
-Loan Manager Pro v4.0 Instruction.rar
-Loan Manager Pro v4.0.apk
-Lock-Hide File Premium v1.1.6.apk
-M Launcher Pro-Marshmallow 6.0 v1.4.1.apk
-MailDroid Pro - Email App v4.55 [Mod].apk
-MailDroid Pro v4.55 Paid LP and GP.apk
-ManageBox v3.2.1.1.apk
-MegaCast - Chromecast player v1.0.78 [Premium].apk
-Mobdro v2.0.36 Freemium.apk
-Mobile Worker - Time tracker FULL v5.2.5 [Unlocked].apk
-Multi Timer StopWatch v2.4.4 [Premium].apk
-MyLifeOrganized To-Do List v2.8.4 [Pro].apk
-MySword Bible Premium v8.0 PROPER.apk
-News Republic - Breaking news v7.2.1 [Subscribed].apk
-NYTimes - Latest News v6.09.7 [Subscribed].apk
-ownCloud v2.3.0(paid).apk
-Photo Grid Photo Collage Maker v6.07 build 60700002 [Premium].apk
-Photo Mate R3 v2.4.5 [Unlocked].apk
-Photomath - Camera Calculator v3.0.4 build 1000134.apk
-PicsArt Color Paint v1.3.1.apk
-PicsArt Photo Studio v8.8.4 [Unlocked].apk
-Podcast & Radio Addict v3.40 build 1126 [Donate].apk
-Polarr Photo Editor v3.6.3 [Pro].apk
-PowerDirector Video Editor App v4.2.1 [Unlocked].apk
-Premium Unlimited WiFi Trials v6.6.apk
-PRO Lirbi Reader PDF, eBooks v6.0.40.apk
-Pushbullet - SMS on PC v17.7.2 [Patched].apk
-QuickLyric - Instant Lyrics v2.0.4 [Premium].apk
-Reddit is fun GP (unofficial) v4.4.10.apk
-Reverso Translation Dictionary Premium v6.0.3.apk
-Screenshot Snap v1.2.6 [Paid].apk
-Secret Agent PRO v2.1.5.apk
-SeriesGuide v36-beta2 [Premium].apk
-SkEye Pro v6.11.apk
-Sleep as Android v20170309 build 1494 [Unlocked] Cloud.apk
-Sleep as Android v20170309 build 1494 [Unlocked] Lullaby.apk
-Sleep as Android v20170309 build 1494 [Unlocked].apk
-Spotify Music v7.9.0.746 Final [Mod] ARM.apk
-Spotify Music v7.9.0.746 Final [Mod] x86.apk
-Star Walk 2 - Night Sky Map v2.3.3.87 (Patched Unlocked).apk
-Star Walk 2 - Night Sky Map v2.3.3.87 Paid LP and GP.apk
-Stocks, Forex, Futures & News v3.4.47 [Unlocked].apk
-SwiftKey Keyboard v6.5.4.26 Final ARM.apk
-SwiftKey Keyboard v6.5.4.26 Final ARM64.apk
-SwiftKey Keyboard v6.5.4.26 Final x86.apk
-TagMusic v0.7.0 [Pro].apk
-Tattoo my Photo 2.0 v2.73 [Pro].apk
-Textra SMS v3.33 build 33301 [Pro].apk
-tinyCam Monitor PRO v7.5.2 Final [Patched] ARM.apk
-tinyCam Monitor PRO v7.5.2 Final [Patched] x86.apk
-Toggle Network Type 5.0 (root) v1.1.6.0.apk
-Touch for Facebook v5.5.4 [Plus].apk
-TouchPal Keyboard - Cute Emoji v6.1.8.4 [Premium].apk
-TrackID - Music Recognition v4.6.B.0.9.apk
-Translator Speak & Translate v2.5.0.8 [Unlocked].apk
-True Contact Pro v4.9.40.apk
-Tweetings for Twitter v10.9.1 [Patched].apk
-Ukrainian English Translator FULL v6.4.44 [Unlocked].apk
-Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords v5.1.5 [Unlocked].apk
-Unit Converter Pro v2.3.9.apk
-USTV v4.82 [Pro].apk
-uTorrent Pro - Torrent App v3.36 Final [Patched].apk
-VGBAnext - GBA GBC Emulator v5.4.8 LP and GP.apk
-Video Converter v1.6 [Premium].apk
-Video2me Pro Video, GIF Maker v1.0.7.apk
-Vidstitch Pro - Video Collage v2.0.1.apk
-Vietnamese English Translator FULL v6.4.44 [Unlocked].apk
-VIP Bet Sickness v1.03.09.apk
-Voice Training Pro v59 Option to Hide [Paid].apk
-Weather Live v5.2 build 113 [Paid].apk
-WINDY - NOAA wind forecast v3.3.3 [Pro].apk
-XE Currency Pro v4.5.3 (Patched).apk
-X-plore File Manager v3.92.10 Final [Donate] Patched.apk
-X-plore File Manager v3.92.10 Final [Donate].apk
-Yatse, the Kodi Remote v7.3.0 [Patch] ARM LP and Root.apk
-Yatse, the Kodi Remote v7.3.0 [Patch] ARM LP and Root.txt
-Yatse, the Kodi Remote v7.3.0 [Patch] x86 LP and Root.apk
-Yatse, the Kodi Remote v7.3.0 [Patch] x86 LP and Root.txt
-YoWindow Weather v1.33.11 [Paid].apk






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