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SolidWorks Premium Edition 2017 SP 4.0 Multilanguage

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SolidWorks Premium Edition 2017 SP 4.0 Multilanguage

Post by didi7789 on Thu Aug 17, 2017 7:45 am

SolidWorks Premium Edition 2017 SP 4.0 Multilanguage
Description: SolidWorks - the system of computer-aided design, engineering analysis and preparation of production of products of any complexity and purpose. SolidWorks is the core of an integrated enterprise automation suite that supports product lifecycle in accordance with the concept of CALS technologies, including bi-directional data exchange with other Windows applications and the creation of interactive documentation. Depending on the class of tasks to be solved, customers are offered three basic system configurations: SolidWorks, SolidWorks Professional, and SolidWorks Premium. CAD developer SolidWorks is SolidWorks Corp. (USA), an independent division of Dassault Systemes (France), the world leader in high-tech software. Developments SolidWorks Corp. Characterized by high quality, reliability and performance, which, combined with qualified support, makes SolidWorks the best solution for the industry. Complex solutions of SolidWorks are based on advanced technologies of hybrid parametric modeling and a wide range of specialized modules. The software runs on the Windows platform, has the support of the Russian language, and, accordingly, supports GOST and ESKD.

General Info:-
Software version: 2017 SP 4.0

Interface Language: Russian, English and other
Treatment: complete
Type of medicine: Activator

System requirements:

  • Windows 7.1 / 8.1 / 10 x64
  • RAM: 8GB or more recommended
  • Disk space: 5 GB or more
  • Processor: Intel and AMD with support for SSE2 technology. 64-bit operating system.
  • Video card: Recommended certified graphics cards for workstations with OpenGL support and tested drivers for them.
  • Means of installation: DVD-ROM or broadband Internet connection.
  • Internet Explorer: 9,10,11, Edge
  • Excel and Word: 2010, 2013, 2016
  • Windows x86 and Windows XP / Vista / 7 SP0 / 8 are not supported

Solved problems at the stage of design preparation of production (PPC):

  • 3D designing of products (parts and assemblies) of any complexity level taking into account the specifics of manufacturing (basic configurations of SolidWorks).
  • Creation of design documentation in strict accordance with GOST (basic configurations SolidWorks, DraftSight, SWR-Specification).
  • Design (basic configurations of SolidWorks).
  • Reverse engineering (SolidWorks Premium).
  • Design of communications (electrical wiring and volumetric erection - SolidWorks Premium, SWR-Electric, pipelines - SolidWorks Premium, SolidWorks Routing, Smap 3D).
  • Engineering analysis (strength, stability, heat transfer, frequency analysis, linear and nonlinear approximation - SolidWorks Simulation, dynamics of mechanisms - SolidWorks Motion, gas / hydrodynamics - SolidWorks Flow Simulation, optics and lighting technology - OptisWorks).
  • Analysis of dimensional chains (SolidWorks Premium, CETOL 6).
  • Preparation of data for IETR (basic configurations of SolidWorks, 3DVIA).
  • Data and process management in the PPC phase (SWE-PDM).

Solved problems at the stage of technological preparation of production (CCI):

  • Analysis of the technological design of the product (basic configurations SolidWorks, DFMXpress / DFMProfessional).
  • Analysis of manufacturability of manufacturing processes (molding of plastics - SimpoeWorks, analysis of stamping processes - BlankWorks / FastForm).
  • Development of technological processes for the ESTD, including material and labor standardization (SWR-Technology).
  • Designing of equipment and other means of technological equipment (basic configurations of SolidWorks, MoldWorks, ElectrodeWorks, Logopress, etc.).
  • Development of control programs for CNC machines (milling, turning, turning-milling and EDM-CAMWorks, laser, plasma and waterjet cutting, punching - cncKad, coordinate measuring machines - CMMWorks).
  • Data and Process Management at the CCI (SWE-PDM) stage.

Functionality of SolidWorks 2017 Premium Edition:

  • Hybrid parametric modeling: solid modeling, surface modeling, wireframe modeling and their combination, without limiting the degree of complexity. Use of auxiliary geometry. Working with imported geometry, editing based on parameters and history of model building, "direct" editing.
  • Design of products taking into account the specifics of production:

    • Details of plastics - functions for the automation of the design of parts from plastics, account for shrinkage, the construction of slopes.
    • Sheet material - modeling "from detail to scan" and "from sweep to detail", automatic sweep generation.
    • Molds and stamps - the construction and analysis of gradients, taking into account isotropic and anisotropic shrinkage, allowances, the construction of the line and the surface of the connector; Generation of a matrix and a punch, signs, sliders; The construction of slabs, columns, pushers; The possibility of creating a library of standard elements of molds and stamps, etc.
    • Metal structures - design of frame and truss structures, library of profiles according to GOST, ISO, ANSI.

  • Designing assemblies: designing "bottom-up" and "top-down". Designing from the concept: using layout sketches, working with detail-representatives, etc.
  • Contextual editing of assembly components, assembly operations, work with arrays of components. Automatically add mates. Direct performance management for working with large assemblies, SpeedPak technology.
  • Design library: a single library of physical properties of materials, textures and hatchings. Typical structural elements, standard parts and assemblies, elements of sheet parts, profiles of rolled products, etc. Standard hole library.
  • Express analysis: dynamics of mechanisms, strength of parts - SimulationXpress, aero / hydrodynamics - FloXpress, manufacturability of the workpiece - DFMXpress, molding of plastics - e-SimpoeWorks. Calculation of mass-inertial and geometric characteristics of the model, simulation of the operation of the cams.
  • Expert systems: SketchXpert - analysis of conflicts in sketches, search for the optimal solution. FeatureXpert, FilletXpert, DraftXpert - automatic control of the elements of fillets and gradients, optimization of the order of building the model. Instant3D - dynamic direct editing of 3D models of parts and assemblies, standard components. DimXpert - automated placement of dimensions and tolerances in 3D models, as well as dimensions in drawings, the ability to work with imported geometry. AssemblyXpert - analysis of the performance of large assemblies, preparation of solutions for improving performance. MateXpert - the analysis of conjugations of assemblies, search of the optimum decision.
  • DriveWorksXpress - automatic prototyping tool, automatic generation of a set of design documentation for the project.
  • Registration of drawings on the ESKD: creation of drawing views for 3D models: cuts, sections, local views, etc., dimensioning manually, as well as using the expert system DimXpert. Use of CD design libraries: special symbols, bases, tolerances and landings, roughness, branding and marking, technical requirements, elements of hydraulic and electrical circuits, etc.
  • Data translation: neutral translators STEP AP203 / AP214, Parasolid, ACIS, IGES, VDAFS, STL, VRML. Direct translators Pro / ENGINEER, CADKEY, Unigraphics, Solid Edge, Inventor, Mechanical Desktop, AutoCAD, CATIA Graphics. Data exchange with radio engineering CAD (P-CAD, Altium Designer, Mentor Graphics, CADENCE, etc.).
  • Animation: the creation of animation (animation) based on 3D models.
  • API SDK Support for programming in Visual Basic, Visual C ++, etc., recording and editing macros (VBA).
  • SolidWorks Rx: utility to automatically diagnose a computer for compliance with the requirements of SolidWorks.
  • SolidWorks Explorer: SolidWorks file explorer.
  • 3D Content Central: access to a single library of standard component vendor manufacturers in the SolidWorks format.
  • SolidWorks eDrawings: View and print SolidWorks, Pro / Engineer, DWG, DXF documents.
  • DraftSight: working with drawings in DWG format without the limitation of the version number. Associative links with the SolidWorks model.
  • SolidWorks Toolbox: libraries of standard products (fasteners, bearings, rolling products, cams, pulleys, gears, etc.) according to GOST, ISO, ANSI, BSI, DIN, JIS, CISC, PEM®, SKF®, Torrington®, Truarc®, Unistrut®.
  • FeatureWorks: Recognizing and Parameterizing Imported Geometry
  • SolidWorks Utilities: comparison of SolidWorks documents (details, assemblies, drawings).
  • SolidWorks Task Scheduler - Task Scheduler: Configuring tasks for scheduled execution. Planned tasks: group printing, import / export, project verification for compliance with enterprise standards, etc.
  • PhotoView 360: creating photorealistic raster images on 3D models.
  • 3D Instant Website Create WEB pages based on interactive 3D models. Data preparation for IET.
  • SolidWorks Design Checker: checking documents for compliance with enterprise standards. Automatic correction of documents in accordance with the specified template.
  • SolidWorks eDrawings Professional: viewing and printing documents (models, drawings) created in SolidWorks and Pro / Engineer, as well as in DWG, DXF formats. Viewing and approving documents (red pencil).
  • SolidWorks Routing Designing pipelines using standard feature libraries. Creation of prefabricated, bent, as well as combined pipelines.
  • Creation of flexible wiring elements (hoses, hoses, etc.). Library of standard pipeline parts (GOST, ANSI, ISO, DIN ...). Automatic selection of the standard sizes of standard components.
  • SolidWorks Simulation: calculation of the strength of structures (parts and assemblies) in the elastic zone. Calculation of assemblies with the boundary conditions of SolidWorks SimulationXpress. Using loads from SolidWorks Motion.
  • SolidWorks Motion: complex kinematic and dynamic analysis of mechanisms.
  • ScanTo3D: reverse engineering module. Conversion of cloud points to surfaces and solid models.
  • TolAnalyst: analysis of dimensional chains in a three-dimensional assembly model. Use DimXpert dimensions and tolerances for analysis. Determining the tolerance of the closing dimension. Determine the degree of influence of dimensions on the closing dimension.
  • CircuitWorks: import of data from radio engineering CAD (ECAD). Building a 3D model of a printed circuit board using imported data. Transfer of changed data to radio engineering CAD. Comparison of PCB versions.

  • SOLIDWORKS 2017 features many improvements and improvements, most of which are implemented in accordance with the wishes of users. This version provides more opportunities for faster and more efficient execution of projects:

    • Focus on the design process, not on the software: Run faster and do not worry about the CAD system.
    • Solve complex problems faster and easier: Use innovative tools to solve complex problems.
    • Simplify parallel design processes: Use integrated mechatronic product design processes, simultaneous design on a single platform, simplified design of electrical and mechanical components, and the ability to work with multiple disciplines from design to fabrication.
    • Reduce project lead times: Create better output for production, optimize this process and accelerate the product development cycle.

Major improvements:
[*]User interface

  • Changes to the UI project
  • Improved user interface scaling for high resolution screens
  • New style icons
  • Rearranged coordinate system
  • Navigation Chains of Choice

[*]Basic principles of SOLIDWORKS

  • Expandable input fields PropertyManager


  • Component preview window
  • Copying Multiple Components
  • Global replacement of invalid mating references
  • Controller for interfaces
  • Mirroring the assembly elements
  • Renaming components in the FeatureManager design tree
  • Replacement assembly assemblies with multiple parts


  • Report on the cost of assemblies
  • Costing based on rules

[*]Drawings and design

  • Automatic border
  • Flag Remarks
  • Shortening of linear dimensions
  • Types of model with a break within the drawings
  • Watermarks for parts and assemblies
  • Rearrange a group of items in eDrawings
  • Rotating models
  • Units

[*]SOLIDWORKS Electrical

  • Adding notes to documents using eDrawings
  • Integration with CircuitWorks Lite
  • Panels of lateral properties


  • Changing custom PDF properties with the PDF plug-in (SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional only)
  • Synchronization of the editorial version in accordance with the revision number

[*]Import Export

  • Export to IFC 4.0 format
  • Importing PTC Creo 3.0 files

[*]Display Model

  • Leader improvements

[*]Parts and elements

  • Creating rods and tubes with a circular profile
  • Create a bi-directional element along a path
  • Edge rounding as continuous curves
  • Thread
  • Dynamic Preview for Tools Intersection and Mutual Trimming
  • Improved expand surface feature

[*]Sheet metal

  • Cutouts in flanges along the path
  • Edge-edge
  • Using a deployed mass

[*]SOLIDWORKS Simulation

  • Creating a grid based on mixed curvature
  • Detection of unbounded bodies
  • The results governed by Eq.
  • Improved functions of error messages of the decision program
  • Grid separation


  • Parametric relationships with an equal length of the curve
  • Selecting midpoints with dynamic backlight
  • Support spline style for B-splines


  • Editing multiple Toolbox component configurations
  • Replacing Toolbox Components

[*]Welded parts

  • Transferring material properties from library profiles







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