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ARCHLine.XP 2017 Build 335 Release 1 (build 2017.07.14)

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ARCHLine.XP 2017 Build 335 Release 1 (build 2017.07.14)

Post by didi7789 on Mon Aug 28, 2017 4:33 pm

ARCHLine.XP 2017 Build 335 Release 1 (build 2017.07.14) | 745.0 mb
CadLine Kft. has released an updated ARCHline.XP 2017 software, is built for Building Information Modeling (BIM), helping professionals in design, documentation and collaboration.

ARCHline.XP 2017 Build 335 Release 1 (Build Date: 2017.07.14) Release notes:

- Bug fix: ID6037 Plot layout missing items when updated
- Bug fix: ID6038: Print custom width pen. ARCHLine 2017 did not keep the custom width of the pen.
- Bug fix: ID6035: Area measure error: measurement multiple more areas calculated wrong sum value.
- Bug fix: Ifc export: Columns/beam with mirrored profile export resulted wrong 3D shift transformation.
- Bug fix: 3D view uniform background color imported from registry instead of the project when you start a new project.
- Bug Fix: Cursor box displays the X,Y coordinates properly

About ARCHLine.XP 2017. ARCHLine.XP is the CAD/BIM design software for architects and interior designers.
ARCHLine.XP IFC support for CV2.0-Architecture Export and Import is certified by buildingSMART. IFC interfaces to export and import IFC files are fully integrated into ARCHLine.XP 2017.

ARCHLine.XP is now being used in various fields, from new building and reconstruction design, to residential and commercial interior design projects, photorealistic visualization, terrain modelling, etc.

The latest version of ARCHLine.XP includes Direct Import of Revit RFA, RVT files. Easy-to-use interface & workflow not only for the experienced users but beginners in CAD/BIM design as well.

New features and user requested enhancements, including:

- BIM: Standard and certified IFC export and import.
- ARCHLine.XP 2017 users can import and view of the RVT, RFA files types
- Import PDF geometry:,Fast, accurate way to reduce to minimal the time is spent on processing architectural - file in PDF
- Real-time rendering;
- Virtual Reality 360: Explore your project in 360-degree virtual tour
- Designing 3D shapes: The "3D shape" is an essential design tool when designing simple 3D bodies or creating fast conceptual prototypes of real-world items.
- Excel file import: the new Excel file import command enables you to upload content of Excel files to floorplan.
- New tiling method in 3D- Save time and energy by using tiling in 3D. You can change the bathroom tiling layout with one magic spell. The tiling style can be modified in one step.
- Mosaic tiling - Randomly generated tiling with four different materials or four different sized mosaic tiles.
- LED light strips - LED light strips are brilliant tools for decorative and hidden light representation
- Improved Material settings - Textures in ARCHLine.XP 2017 bring your geometry to life
- Printing layout developments - Autofill and automatic placement of default stamp, Separated Architectural Scale factor;
- 4K monitors: Scaling the interface, support for ultra HD resolution monitors
- Improved user interface

About CadLine Kft. CadLine is the developer of ARCHLine.XP software. ARCHLine.XP software for BIM includes features for architectural design, interior design and decorating projects. ARCHLine.XP supports the multi-disciplinary design process. It helps collaborate with co-designers through IFC, DWG, and RVT formats. ARCHLine.XP takes an innovative approach to the reuse and transformation of existing buildings. Many thousands of professionals in building and interior design, furniture manufacturers use ARCHLine.XP every day.

Established in 1991, CadLine has continually developed powerful and easy-to-use software applications.

Product: ARCHLine.XP
Version: 2017 Build 335 Release 1 (Build Date: 2017.07.14)
Supported Architectures: x64
Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even and newer
Size: 745.0 mb






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