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Laubwerk Plants Kit 6 (7) version 1.0.22 (x64)

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Laubwerk Plants Kit 6 (7) version 1.0.22 (x64)

Post by didi7789 on Wed Sep 13, 2017 2:46 pm

Laubwerk Plants Kit 6 (7) version 1.0.22 | 1.2 Gb
German digital botany software company Laubwerk has updated the Plants Kits to 1.0.22. Laubwerk Plants Kits allow 3D artists and architects to insert photorealistic tree models into their 3D scenes quickly and easily, without the usual slow downs due to overly complicated parameters or excess memory usage.

This major update 1.0.22 introduces:

SketchUp (new)
- Introducing the Laubwerk Player plugin for SketchUp (2014 - 2017) for Windows and OS X and the latest versions of V-Ray 2 and V-Ray 3
- Compatible with Skatter for SketchUp
3ds Max
- Added a dialog box that asks whether a selected Plant(s) should be replaced or should a new Plant object be created
- Added Arnold support
- Improved Corona Render support, e.g. now Plant objects are derived from GeomObject instead of SimpleObject2
- Improved speculars in Scanline renderer materials
- Improved the behavior of the Laubwerk browser, now the window does not closes itself anymore when a Plant object is replaced or created
- Fixed a bug that made 3dsmax crash when an empty Plant object is assigned to a Plant
- Fixed a bug that in Skeleton mode crashed the measure utility
- Fixed a bug that by replacing a tree through the browser reseted the variation setting
- Fixed a bug with changing seasons and variant attributes, which did not update the user interface
Cinema 4D
- Fixed a bug with Thea Render. Now, the texture group parameters for the base material are being set properly.

About Laubwerk Plants Kit 6. This package contains temperate deciduous tree species planted in parks, gardens or streets - many with floral display. 10 tree species are included, each comes in 36 variations (3 variants, 3 ages and 4 seasonal aspects) for a total of 360 models per Kit.

About Laubwerk Plants Kit 7. This collection will offer 10 species of tropical palms; each species comes in 36 variations per species (i.e. 3 variants, 3 ages and 4 seasonal aspects), for a total of 360 models. Laubwerk Plants Kits offer tools that allow for quick adjustment of shape, age, season and level of detail for each 3D plant

About Laubwerk. Founded in 2010, Laubwerk is a Berlin-born, Potsdam-based CG software company that offers fast and fluent solutions for architects, CG artists, and VFX experts requiring 3D plant models while working with popular 3D software platforms. Laubwerk sets new technical and quality standards with authentic-looking plants that require minimal time and effort while offering maximum detail and control. Laubwerk has customers in more than 100 countries, from small businesses, universities to VFX and architecture corporations such as Foster+Partners, David Chipperfield Architects, The Boundary, Ronen Bekerman, Double Negative, National University of Singapore, and ETH Zurich.

Product: Laubwerk Plants Kit 6 (7)
Version: version 1.0.22
Supported Architectures: x64
Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer
Software Prerequisites: 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, SketchUp, or Houdini
Size: 1.2 Gb






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